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Glossary of Judaic Terms

Pomegranate Membership Badge Pattern

Beyond Blue and White: Color in Judaic Stitchery - 2002

Historic Jewish-American Samplers and How to Design Your Own - 2002

Peachy Plans for Chapter 10th Anniversary - 2008

Southeastern Michigan Members Take Up Quilting - 2007

Long Island Chapter Commemorates Holocaust Stories - 2005

Pioneer Valley Chapter Crafts with Recycled Kippot - 2004

The Jerusalem Project by Brenda Zangre - 2004

Magazine to Publish Atlanta Member's Design - 2004

The Boston Stitch Party - 2004

Hidden Meaning: The Tradition of Masquerading on Purim - 2004

Trauma Bears Dressed for Success by Delaware Valley Chapter - 2003

Pictures of the Threads of Tradition Exhibit - 2003

Pieces of Peace Exhibit in Greater Boston - 2003

The Work of Our Hands: An Exhibit - 2002

Tambourine Workshop Salutes Miriam's Role in Passover Story - 2002

The Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework: Sharing Tradition - 2002

Friends Record Legacy with a Memorial Quilt - 2002

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