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This web site is an official publication of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework.

The site includes educational articles, chapter and national news events. Chapters are encouraged to send a copy of their newsletters (electronic form preferred) to the editor. Individual members of the guild may also submit articles and news items, as long as they are related to Judiac needlework.

Contact the Webmaster.

Submissions may be sent in the following format:

• Copy-and-pasted within the body of an email message. Attachments in Microsoft Word, Plain and Rich Text Format, and Adobe PDF are also acceptable.
• Graphic files (JPEG, PDF or BMP) emailed as an attachment, with a brief written description in an attached document or in the body of the email. If multiple images are sent, it is probably best to include only 1 or 2 per email.

Site Development History:

Pomegranate Guild logo designed by Tsirl Waletzky (c.1977).

Original site design by Elizabeth Tarnove (c.2000).

2009 site redesign & rebuild by Joshua Sanofsky.

2022 site redesign & rebuild by Joshua Sanofsky.

Last Updated: December 29, 2022

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