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Pomegranate Guild > The Jerusalem Project

When the Long Island Study Group chooses to do a project, we pick a topic and then research it before we ever take needle to hand. We are all masters at our craft and all only do original work.

The Jerusalem Project was done in memory of one of our founding members, Laura Hoffman.

Each member was to interpret her vision of Jerusalem, based on a picture or drawing. The size of each piece was predetermined and there was a strict color pallet to follow so that the finished piece would resemble the Kotel. The background fabric was chosen to be representative of the colors of Jerusalem as well as to tie the individual pieces together; and to act as the "mortar" between the stones.

The Jerusalem Project is a masterful combination of appliqué, needlepoint, quilting, fabric manipulation, and crewel embroidery. The piece measures approximately 4 feet by 6 feet.

Our group feels both fortunate and honored that the work of our hands has found a home at the Hadassah College in Jerusalem. Laura Hoffman was an ardent Hadassah member who cherished Israel and visited many times. We know that she would have delighted in this gift to the college. Her son, Rabbi Jeffrey Hoffman, from West Nyack, NY, was there for the dedication and a special reception.

The following is a description of each block by its maker:

1. Sydel Scheingold: Shuk In Jerusalem-
The marketplace from antiquity on has become an icon as much as the Western Wall.

2. Mimi Wohlberg: Yad Vashem Rememberance-
In memory of the Holocaust

3. Vita Barth: Courtyard In Jerusalem-
A charming aura of golden stone and lovely plants welcome visitors.

4. Lenny Holland: Skyline of Jerusalem-
Horizontal bands showing day to night.

5. Sydel Scheingold, Helene Kusnitz, Gilda Joan Hecht:
Dedication Panel -
Dedicated to the memory of Laura Hoffman

6. Sylvia Rothenberg: A Sunny Morning-
In a peaceful moment in time.

7. Brenda Zangre: Jerusalem Landscape-
Surrounded by the hills of Jerusalem, a depiction of famous sites-the Dead Sea Scrolls Museum, The Western Wall, the JFK Memorial, and a synagogue.

8. Rabbi Carol Goldblatt: Gate Entrance to Orphanage-
Israel's ability to welcome and absorb all who enter-a loving family providing shelter, security and hope.

9. Helene Kusnitz: The Pomegranate-
The symbol of our group and appropriate to the theme. The words go along with it naturally.

10. Gilda Joan Hecht: Shofar-
The central focus on Jerusalem in Judaic philosophy is prime to the piece. The background of the Kotel and the blowing of the shofar expresses faith in Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jewish people.

11. Ellyn Scheidlower: Jerusalem Archway-
Pink beige stone archway of the type found in Jerusalem is designed to draw the viewer into the work and to wonder what lies beyond.

12. Shula Mustacchi: Madaba-
Ancient mosaic map of Jerusalem embedded in a wall. Enchanting, almost ark-shaped map.

13. Georgette Levy: Rabbi at the Wall-
A rabbi praying at the Western Wall

14. Miriam Karash: Jerusalem The Holy City-
Letters on "Jerusalem Stone"

15. Sylvia Feinman: label (on back)
Embroidered the label on the back of the quilt.

Originally Posted: November 22, 2004
Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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