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Pomegranate Guild > Pomegranate Membership Badge Pattern


• A small (at least 4 by 6 inches) of 14-count ivory Aida (Editor's Note: I have also seen these done with a light blue linen, which looks quite elegant!)
• Royal blue and wine-colored floss or #8 perle cotton
• Optional, gold floss (or #8 perle cotton) for the threads and pomegranate seeds
• A small piece of cardboard for backing
• Glue
• White or ivory sewing thread
• A plastic badge holder 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches (the type sometimes used for convention badges).
Badge Chart (printable!)
Alphabet for Personalization (printable!)

Stitching Directions

• The completed design measures about 3 1/2 inches by 2 inches on 14-count Aida. Determine your margins and begin stitching the border at the upper left corner of the diagram.
• Use two strands of floss or one strand of #8 perle cotton. The name and border are worked in royal blue and the pomegranate logo is worked in wine. The Pomegranate seeds (indicated as small dots on the chart) should be worked in French knots and may be worked in either wine or gold. The thread tail should be worked in backstitch using either wine or gold thread.

Mounting the Tag

• When embroidery is completed, turn the raw edges to the back, leaving two rows of squares around the embroidered border for a margin.
• With needle and white or ivory sewing thread, lace the edges together, loosely.
• When all four edges are laced, apply white glue to the back of the cardboard backing and place on back of the embroidery, being careful to align it with the fabric grain.
• When the glue is dry, trim the edges of the cardboard to the size of the name tag. Be careful not to clip the Aida.
• Enclose the tag in a plastic holder and wear it in good health!

Alternative Mounting Technique

Some stitchers in the Embroiderer's Guild of America and American Needlepoint Guild baste their embroidered nametags to a small piece of quilt batting or stiffening such as buckram. Line it with coordinating fabric, and wear it as a pendant with a piece of ribbon joined at the upper right and left corners. Again, wear it in good health!

Originally posted: August 20, 2002
Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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