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Pomegranate Guild > Tambourine Workshop Salutes Miriam's Role in Passover Story

The Peachtree State Stitchers chapter of the Pomegranate Guild in Atlanta recently sponsored a class on tambourine painting taught by Flora Rosefsky. The class began with a short talk about the biblical Miriam by Marilyn Peskin-Kaufman. Flora Rosefsky did an original design of Miriam which many chapter members used as our pattern. Nail polish was used to paint them.

In the picture at right, Randi Strumlauf (in foreground), her daughter Rachel Strumlauf, Sara Besmertnik, and her mother Laurie Besmertnik (partially hidden by Sara at left), work on their tambourines. Randi is deciding which red polish to use.




In the picture to the left, Laraine Fine is attaching beaded fringe to her tambourine. The finished tambourine in the foreground was Flora Rosefsky's original design.


Many, but not all, of the people who took the workshop traced the original design by Flora Rosefsky as the pattern for their own tambourines. A sampling of the tambourine variations are pictured below.




Originally Posted: February 25, 2002
Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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