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The education committee of the Pomegranate Guild maintains a database of projects for member use and a second database for needleworkers who would be interested in teaching classes for chapter and regional events.

The databases will be available through the Grants Committee. Contact the Vice President - Education by E-Mail.

Grant Applications: Contact E-Mail.
Criteria for Grants are as follows:

1. Member would be obliged to teach the technique - applied to Jewish content - to a Chapter within one year of the grant.

2. If an Independent member, he or she would be required to write a lesson plan or article for the Paper Pomegranate within one year of the grant.

3. Members are restricted to one grant per fiscal year.

Project Submission Format, printable form in PDF format.*

*Note: The PDF format can be read by a variety of applications, including Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Apple Preview. If you don't have a program that can read PDFs, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking the icon below:

Last Updated: December 29, 2022

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