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Pomegranate Guild > Education Committee Forms and Information

The education committee of the Pomegranate Guild maintains a database of projects for member use and a second database for needleworkers who would be interested in teaching classes for chapter and regional events.

The databases will be available through the education committee. Contact the Vice President - Education by E-Mail.

Project Submission Format, printable form in PDF format.*

Grant Applications: Contact E-Mail.
Criteria for Grants are as follows:

  1. Member would be obliged to teach the technique - applied to Jewish content - to a Chapter within one year of the grant.
  2. If an Independent member, he or she would be required to write a lesson plan or article for the Paper Pomegranate within one year of the grant.
  3. Members are restricted to one grant per fiscal year.

*Note: The PDF format can be read by a variety of applications, including Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro, and Apple Preview. If you don't have a program that can read PDFs, you can download Adobe Reader for free by clicking the icon below:

Last Updated: March 3, 2019

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