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Pomegranate Guild > Pieces of Peace: An Exhibit of the Greater Boston Chapter

Left, Miriam K. Sokoloff, Brookline shows her stained glass applique titled "The World Is Established on Three Principles: Truth, Justice and Peace." Stitched by machine using a double needle, the pieces are composed mostly of decorator chintzes. Above is a close-up view of the "Shalom" panel.

Miriam's Comments: While my original thought was to depict "sukkat shalom," the tabernacle of peace, I ended up changing direction when I came upon a set of 1976 Israeli stamps which illustrate the final verse of the first chapter of "Pirkei Avot," "The Sayings of the Fathers," which appears in many siddurim because it is traditionally studied on Shabbat afternoon. This verse was often performed by my late father, Cantor Simon Kandler, who served Temple Emeth for 58 years. When I say the words, "al haEmet, v'al haDin, v'al HaShalom," I can hear him singing them.

Shalom, peace, is traditionally depicted by the white dove. Additionally, the three pieces of the triptych use solid color decorator chintzes in the colors of the rainbow, another frequently used image for peace.

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Originally Posted: December 10, 2002
Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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