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Pomegranate Guild > Pieces of Peace: An Exhibit of the Greater Boston Chapter

Sharon Gorberg of Newton created the "Tree of Life" (above) using resist dyes on crepe de chine silk.

Sharon's Comments: This is a commemorative piece that celebrated my husband's joining the Jewish faith. It also represents my long time interest in the link between creativity and spirituality. As I recall, the Hebrew reads "Eitz chaim hee Lamachazikim bah, v'tomcheha m'ushar" meaning (the Torah) is a Tree of Life to those who grasp it, and its supporters are happy.


Marie L. Cotton of Hopkinton appliqued the "Plate of Ties" (at right) using neckwear from her husband's closet.

Marie's Comments: These ties represent a special time in our marriage -- many of them were given to Robert as gifts by our children and when we look at this quilt we remember a time of peace and serenity in our family.

I prepared the quilt by washing all the ties first then fusing them to a stabilizer. I then created the circle of ties stitching them to each other. I wanted the tips of the ties to be loose. After the circle was completed I attached it to the background silk fabric. I squared it off and with the remaining tie pieces I made a border of Flying Geese. I hand quilted the piece.

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Originally Posted: December 10, 2002
Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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