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Pomegranate Guild >THREADS OF TRADITION: Selected Work by Peach State Stitchers

Flora Rosefsky and Barbara Rucket: "Tying The Threads Together"

An additional component to the exhibition was the chapter's creation of six large educational panels that were displayed in the MJCCA lobby area near the Fine Family Art Gallery. These panels showed samples of various types of needlework and included photographs of various members working on chapter projects, actual sewing items and text from various sources including member's interview segments from a Georgia State University, American Folk Craft course research paper by Carol Wien entitled Sharing Tradition: Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework. Needlework featured were Applique and Quilting, Weaving, Beadwork, Knitting and Crochet, Needlework (needlepoint, cross-stitch and blackwork), and Embroidery. There also was one large panel that focused on our chapter and activities as well as The Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework.

A statement written by co-chairs Flora Rosefsky and Barbara Rucket about the exhibition that appeared in the catalog:

Creating Judaic needlework fulfills the commandment of hiddur mitzvah, to add beauty to Jewish ritual and holiday celebrations, as well as within our homes and synagogues. Needlework items that use Jewish motifs and symbols and often Jewish fabrics reinforce a particular concept of Judaism. Many of us who appreciate needleart have incorporated Jewish components into our new work. It is our hope that this "Threads of Tradition" Exhibition will be a catalyst for a greater understanding of Jewish life cycle events, Jewish rituals and holidays. From generations who preceded us to the present day, we continue to seek new ways of expressing Judaism from the more traditional forms to contemporary versions, oftentimes creating unique heirlooms to be treasured by our families, friends and community.

(Pictured are Barbara Rucket (left) and Flora Rosefsky, co-chairs of the exhibition, which closed on June 3, 2003.)

Last Updated: August 1, 2010

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